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About The Trust

Ben’s Heroes Trust was founded in 2011 with two aims:


1) Relieve sickness in children with cancer, under the age of 18 and treated within the UK, by providing financial aid and support to assist with accessing new treatments /drugs not available on the NHS but which are fully supported by the child’s lead oncology consultant.


The charity achieves this aim by provide financial grants to the parents/guardians of children with cancer to access treatments / drugs which are not available through the NHS provided the treatment/drug is being provided to relieve sickness in the child and has the full written support of the child's lead oncology consultant.


In addition to the financial grants, the charity, if requested, will support the child’s parent/guardian with further fundraising initiatives to fund access to the treatment/drugs and will also provide practical support/advice to the parents/guardians with arranging things like travel, insurance, accommodation, etc. that may be required to access the treatment/drug.


2) Where financially practical, the charity will ease the suffering of children with cancer by offering support and funding for projects which improve the quality of the child’s life.


The charity achieves this aim by providing support and funding for projects that improve the quality of a child's life whilst they are on the ward or travelling to other locations for treatments.

about the trust