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Nov 2017 - 10 year old Alex and his family are currently at the University of Florida’s Proton Institute in Jacksonville, USA where Alex is halfway through proton beam therapy to prevent recurrence of a very rare Parotid Sialoblastoma.


Alex’s Dad found the tumour by chance as he was saying goodnight to Alex in June. Alex had an operation to remove the tumour at the end of July but the team at UCLH advised that Alex would need radiotherapy to prevent the tumour returning or spreading.


Alex’s parents told us “Through all this Alex, like many other children we have seen on our way, has remained the calmest and most resilient of us all and we want to stand alongside other children and families who like us have found their lives turned upside down by a diagnosis of childhood cancer."



"We would like to thank Ben’s Heroes Trust for their amazingly generous support of our 10 year old son."

Name:        Alex


Age:           10 years old


Cancer:      Parotid sialoblastoma


Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy


Location:   Florida, USA

our_heroes Bens Heroes Trust - Alex