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Finley was admitted to hospital in March after months of repeated sickness where he was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Anaplastic Ependymoma.


A scan showed he had a mass on his brain and two days later he had surgery to remove the tumour. He then needed a second surgery to fit a shunt as fluid was not draining. A further scan showed a section that had grown, it was not known if this was scar tissue or a tumour so Finley underwent three intense rounds of chemotherapy which shrunk the section.


Finley was then sent to Florida for Proton Beam Therapy. A further scan after the Proton Beam Therapy showed this section has not changed in size and they are still unsure what it actually is. He is currently going through 7 more rounds of chemotherapy.


Finley is still so happy, he and his family are looking forward to hopefully going swimming when his line is out.


"We would just like to say thank you very much for everything... [the grant] really did help us out a lot."

Name:        Finley


Age:            4 years old


Cancer:      Anaplastic Ependymoma


Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy


Location:   Florida, USA

our_heroes Ben's Heroes Trust - Finley