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Natasha has a rare brain tumour called Meningioma which mostly affects adults rather than children.


Natasha's initial treatment involved a series of 3 operations totalling 27 hours. All signs were good that the tumour had been removed, until her parents received a phone call on 12th January 2018 with the results of her latest MRI scan.


The scan showed that there were numerous new 'dots' visible, and that they needed urgent treatment. The neurosurgeon told the family that these dots could not be removed surgically and so needed radiotherapy.


Natasha had already lost partial sight in both eyes due to the position of the tumour, and there was a risk that normal radiotherapy could also damage the healthy brain. The other option presented to the family was Proton Therapy. They were told that funding was granted by the NHS, and began their journey to the USA for the next stage of Natasha's treatment.

Name:        Natasha


Age:            14 years old


Cancer:      Meningioma


Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy


Location:   Florida, USA

our_heroes Ben's Heroes Trust - Natasha