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Oscar was diagnosed with a brain tumour in March 2018 following persistent headaches and vomiting.


"He underwent surgery early in April 2018 at Bristol Children’s Hospital. The surgery was long, 9 hours, and risky due to its central location. It went well and Oscar’s surgeon was pleased with the outcome. Most of his tumour was removed."


"The initial diagnosis was confirmed to be a craniopharyngioma, a tumour that can grow back fairly quickly and is unfortunately located close to the optic nerves and hormonal glands."


"A side effect of the tumour, and the surgery, is an impact on Oscar’s hormone production. He was left with many chronic conditions including panhypopitutiarism (complete lack of hormone function due to damage to his pituitary gland), hypothalamic dysregulation, and adrenaline insufficiency. Thankfully his eyesight so far has been unaffected."


Oscar's course of 30 Proton Beam Treatments began in June 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida.


"The financial support you have given us is making

a massive difference and is a big relief.

We are so grateful."

Name:        Oscar


Cancer:      Craniopharyngioma (Brain Tumour)


Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy


Location:   Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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