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Sally was diagnosed in October 2017 with Ewings Sarcoma. She had a 5cm tumour on her 7th rib. She had 6 cycles of VIDE chemotherapy which did its job, shrinking the tumour to the point where it was no longer visible on her pre-surgery scan.


Surgery went ahead in March 2018 and Sally's 7th rib was removed along with a small piece of lung. Less than 2 weeks after her surgery Sally was back in hospital having her 1st cycle of  "clean up" chemo, she will have 8 cycles.


Sally also travelled to Essen in Germany for 30 rounds of Proton Beam Therapy and 2 more cycles of chemotherapy. "Sally has coped magnificently throughout her treatment" which her parents put down to her positive attitude. "She will just not give in."


Between chemos she has been going to school, sometimes for full days and attending her dancing classes, piano lessons and Guides when feeling up to it. A week before her diagnosis, although with a lot of pain in her back, she insisted in auditioning for the local pantomime as a dancer and was successful. She attended rehearsals when fit & well enough to do so and amazed everybody by performing in all 6 performances!!


"Thank you so much for the grant... We are so so grateful & touched by your generosity."

Name:        Sally


Age:            10 years old


Cancer:      Ewings Sarcoma


Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy


Location:   Essen, Germany

our_heroes Ben's Heroes Trust - Sally