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Harri was diagnosed in Jan 2018 with Ewing’s Sarcoma, after a large tumour was discovered in his sinus cavity.


At the beginning of February he started intensive chemotherapy, every other week, for 3-6 days at a time. He has had many infections along the way, meaning that he has spent more time in hospital than out.


Harri spent 8-10 weeks in Jacksonville, Florida, undergoing Proton Beam Therapy after responding well to the chemotherapy. He continued chemotherapy every 2 weeks in Florida, alongside his Proton Beam Treatment.


After 30 Proton Beam treatments Harri rang the bell at the Proton Beam Centre and returned to the UK, where he is due to undergo 3 further rounds of chemotherapy.


"We'd struggle financially without help from charities like Ben's Heroes Trust, so thank you so much!"

Name:        Harri


Age:           4 years old


Cancer:      Ewing's Sarcoma


Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy


Location:   Jacksonville, Florida, USA

our_heroes Bens Heroes Trust - Harri