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What We Do

Ben's Heroes Trust can help by...


1. Providing a grant to help with the cost of accessing treatment.


2. Contact the charity's network of friends/supporters to ask them to help with fundraising

   for the child.


3. Providing a webpage to each child we help - to tell their story and make people aware

   of progress.


4. Support the family and their friends think of, organise and run fundraising events.


5. Allow money raised from donations and sponsorship for the child’s treatment to be  

   funnelled through the charity to enable gift aid to be claimed.


6. Support the child’s family/guardians with overcoming some of the more practical issues

   like travel insurance, accommodation, travel arrangements etc.


This list is not intended to be exhaustive and if someone sees an opportunity for Ben's Heroes Trust to help in other ways then they shouldn't hesitate to contact us. Please be aware that any suggestion must be in line with our charity aims as listed on the Charity Commission website.

what we do